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Abide In Christ - Day 7 - As Your Wisdom (Video Devotional)

ABIDE IN CHRIST by Andrew Murray

Day 7

As Your Wisdom

But of (God) you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us WISDOM from God—and righteousness and sanctification and redemption—” (1 Corinthians 1:30)

JESUS CHRIST is not only our Priest to purchase us and our King to secure us, but also our Prophet to reveal to us the salvation which God has prepared for those who love Him. Just as at the creation the light was first called into existence, so that in it all God's other works might have their life and beauty, so in our text wisdom is mentioned first as the treasury in which the three precious gifts that follow are to be found. The life is the light of man; it is in revealing to us, and making us behold the glory of God in His own face that Christ makes us partakers of eternal life. It was by the tree of knowledge that sin came. It is through the knowledge that Christ gives that salvation comes. He is made by God unto us wisdom. In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
And of God you are in Him and only have to abide in Him to be made partaker of these treasures of wisdom. In Him you are, and in Him the wisdom is. Dwelling in Him, you dwell in the very fountain of all light. Abiding in Him, you have Christ the wisdom of God leading your whole spiritual life. He is ready to communicate, in the form of knowledge, just as much as is necessary for you to know. Christ is made for us wisdom. You are in Christ.
It is this connection between what Christ has been made to us by God, and how we have it only as also being IN Him, that we must learn to understand better. We will therefore see that the blessings prepared for us in Christ cannot be obtained as special gifts in answer to prayer apart from the abiding in Him. The answer to each prayer must come in the closer union and the deeper abiding in Him. All other gifts are treasured up in Him, the Unspeakable Gift, including the gift of wisdom and knowledge.
How often have you longed for wisdom and spiritual understanding that you might know God better! To know Him is life eternal! Abide in Jesus. Your life in Him will lead you to that fellowship with God in which the only true knowledge of God is to be had. His love, His power, His infinite glory will, as you abide in Jesus, be revealed as it has not entered into the heart of man to conceive. You may not be able to grasp it with the understanding, or to express it in words, but the knowledge which is deeper than thoughts or words will be given —the knowing of God which comes of being known OF HIM. "We preach Christ those who are called...Christ (is) the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:23, 24)
Would you gladly “count all things loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ (your) Lord” (Phil. 3:8)? Abide in Jesus, and be found in Him. You will know Him in the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings. Following Him, you will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. It is only when God shines into the heart, and Christ Jesus dwells there, that the light of the knowledge of God in the face of Christ can be seen (See 2 Cor. 4:6).
Would you understand His blessed work as He worked it on earth, or now works it from heaven by His Spirit? Would you know how Christ can become our righteousness, our sanctification, and our redemption? It is just as bringing, and revealing, and communicating these that He became unto us wisdom from God. There are a thousand questions that at times come up, and the attempt to answer them becomes a weariness and a burden. This is only true because you have forgotten you are in Christ, whom God has made to be your wisdom. Let it be your first care to abide in Him in undivided fervent devotion of heart. When the heart and the life are right, rooted in Christ, knowledge will come in such measure as Christ's own wisdom sees fit. And without such abiding in Christ the knowledge does not really profit, but is often most harmful. The soul satisfies itself with thoughts which are only the forms and images of truth, without receiving the truth itself in its power. God's way is always first to give us the thing itself, even though it is only a seed. He then will give us the life and the power, and finally the knowledge itself. Man seeks the knowledge first, and often, alas, never gets beyond it! God gives us Christ, and in Him are hid the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Oh, let us be content to possess Christ, to dwell in Him, to make Him our life, and only in a deeper searching into Him, to search and find the knowledge we desire. Such knowledge is life indeed.
Therefore, believer, abide in Jesus as your wisdom, and expect from Him most confidently whatever teaching you may need for a life to the glory of the Father. In all that concerns your spiritual life, abide in Jesus as your wisdom. The life you have in Christ is a thing of infinite sacredness, far too high and holy for you to know how to act it out. It is He alone who can guide you, with a secret spiritual instinct, to know what is fitting for your dignity as a child of God. He will guide you also to know what will help and what will hinder your inner life, and especially to know how to abide in Him. Do not think of it as a mystery or a difficulty you must solve. Questions might come up as to the possibility of abiding perfectly and uninterruptedly in Him, and of really obtaining all the blessing that comes from it. Yet always remember this... He knows, all is perfectly clear to Him, and He is your wisdom. Just as much as you need to know and are capable of comprehending will be communicated, if you only trust Him. Never think of the riches of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Jesus as treasures without a key, or of your way as a path without a light. Jesus your wisdom is guiding you in the right way, even when you do not see it.
In all your dealings with the blessed Word, remember the same truth...abide in Jesus, your wisdom. Study much to know the written Word, but study more to know the living Word, in whom you are of God. Jesus, the wisdom of God, is only known by a life of unspoken confidence and obedience. The words He speaks are spirit and life to those who live in Him. Therefore, each time you read, or hear, or meditate upon the Word, be careful to take up your true position. Realize first your oneness with Him who is the wisdom of God. Know yourself to be under His direct and special training. Go to the Word abiding in Him, the very fountain of Divine light. in His light you will see light.
In all your daily life, its ways and its work, abide in Jesus as your wisdom. Your body and your daily life share in the great salvation. In Christ, the wisdom of God, provision has been made for their guidance too. Your body is His temple, your daily life the sphere for glorifying Him. It is to Him a matter of deep interest that all your earthly concerns should be rightly guided. Only trust His encouragement, believe His love, and wait for His guidance. It will be given. As you abide in Him, your mind will be calmed and freed from passion, and your judgment will be cleared and strengthened. The light of heaven will shine on your earthly things, and your prayer for wisdom, like Solomon's, will be fulfilled above what you ask or think.
And so, especially in any work you do for God, abide in Jesus as your wisdom. "We are...created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them” (Eph. 2:10). Let all fear or doubt - lest we should not know exactly what these works are - be put far away. In Christ we are created for them. He will show us what they are, and how to do them. Cultivate the habit of rejoicing in the assurance that the Divine wisdom is guiding you, even where you do not yet see the way.
All that you can wish to know is perfectly clear to Him. As Man - as Mediator - He has access to the counsels of Deity and to the secrets of Providence. He will work these things in your interest and on your behalf. If you will only trust Him fully, and abide in Him entirely, you can be confident of having perfect guidance.
Yes, abide in Jesus as your wisdom. Seek to maintain the spirit of waiting and dependence, that always seeks to learn, and will not move unless and until the heavenly light leads you on. Withdraw yourself from all needless distraction, close your ears to the voices of the world, and be as a submissive learner, always listening for the heavenly wisdom the Master has to teach. Surrender all your own wisdom. Seek a deep conviction of the utter blindness of the natural understanding in the things of God. Wait for Jesus to teach and to guide you as to what you have to believe and what you have to do. Remember that the teaching and guidance does not come from outside of you. It is by His life within us that the Divine wisdom does His work. Withdraw frequently with Him into the inner chamber of the heart, where the gentle voice of the Spirit is only heard when all is still. Hold fast with unshaken confidence, even in the midst of darkness and apparent desertion, His own assurance that He is the light and the leader of His own. And, above all, live day by day in the blessed truth that, as He Himself, the living Christ Jesus, is your wisdom, your first and last care must ALWAYS be this alone—to abide in Him. Abiding in Him, His wisdom will come to you as the spontaneous outflowing of a life rooted in Him. I am - I abide in Christ, who was made unto us wisdom from God. Wisdom WILL be given to me.

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