Friday, February 8, 2013

Free Pastor Saeed!

Many of you may be aware of the recent plight of the Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who was unjustly imprisoned in Iran for three years after his conversion to Christianity.  Thankfully, because of an outpouring of international support on his behalf, he was freed recently.  You may not be aware that there is actually an American pastor who is now being held in Iran.  His name is Saeed Abedini.  He was born in Iran, and became part of the house church movement there after his conversion to Christianity in 2000.  He left Iran in 2005 to escape persecution and became an American citizen in 2010.  He has made numerous trips back to Iran since then.  Last September, he was arrested in Iran while on a humanitarian mission to help build an orphanage.  In January, he was sentenced to eight years in Iran's most notorious prison.  His charge was that he has been “creating a network of Christian house churches” and, therefore, “attempting to sway Iranian youth away from Islam."  He is being tortured in prison as I write this.  Although our government has been very slow in responding to this outrage, Secretary of State John Kerry has issued a strong statement on his behalf.  But, of course, much more needs to be done.  

I would ask you to consider doing the following, which I have done:

  • Please pray daily for Pastor Saeed and his precious family
  • Please sign the petition from ACLJ to free Pastor Saeed:  You can access this from this link:
  • Consider writing the U.S. State Department and White House on behalf of this pastor
  • Please share this post with your Facebook and Twitter friends

I believe that if enough people respond, this pastor will be released.  Just imagine if this were you, your husband, your son, your father.  Wouldn't you work tirelessly to get him out?  I ask you in Christ's name to do what you can.  Thanks and God bless you!

P.S.  For more information about this, please read or listen to Eric Metaxas' excellent commentary on Pastor Saaed's imprisonment. You can also listen to an emotional interview with Pastor Saeed's wife from this website.   Here's the link:

3-1-13  Update-ACLJ has now recorded over 300,000 signatures in a petition to bring about Pastor Saeed's release. You can still sign this petition by clicking the link above.  His wife has recently written a moving letter on behalf of her husband.  You can access a link to her reading of this letter here.  Please continue to pray for this pastor and his family!

3-14-13 Update-ACLJ is now approaching 500,000 signatures!  Tomorrow, 3-15-13, there will be a Congressional hearing on Capitol Hill on Pastor Saeed's situation.  ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, among others will be testifying.  Please help them get to 500,000 signatures and pray for this hearing!

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